Your dollars have increased in France!

The dollar is at a 12 year high against the euro

The Wall Street Journal

Your dollars have increased in France! Take advantage of this unusually good exchange rate for the dollar against the euro.  This will make all your purchases much cheaper for you when you attend a yoga retreat at Santosha Yoga, if you are coming from the US.

If you are coming from the US for a yoga retreat here at Santosha Yoga, your spending money is going to go a lot further than it has done in the past 12 years, according to the Wall Street Journal.  So far we have two retreats scheduled (see below) with teachers who are coming from the US.  They are all advanced yoga teachers and all have a great reputation.  


Nicole Taylor and Meg Townsend :- Cultivate your Vital Essence – A journey Back to Yourself.

June 6th – 14th 2015

According to yogic wisdom, cultivation of the vital essences is an integral part of creating a vibrant, fulfilled life. 
These essences are ojas–our deep vigorprana–our primal life force, and tejas–our illuminative radiance
Join Meg Townsend and Nicole Taylor, both 500-hour trained yoga teachers and Ayurvedic Yoga Specialists, 
on an empowering retreat designed to help you source your inner wisdom. 
Meg and Nicole will lead you through daily yoga and guided meditation practices designed to help you achieve your brightest shining. 

Michelle Baker:- Real Peace Pyrenees

July 26th to 3rd August

Sthira Sukham Asanam.
Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras state the connection to the earth, once truly focused on with total steadiness, will then reveal innate sweetness of being.
In Ayurvedic teachings, we learn that all of the same elements of the earth are within our bodies.
This retreat is a re-integration & resounding of your ability to relate and be in right relationship with nature.


If you would like to join us on of these retreats, please go to our UPCOMING RETREATS page and read all about them.  This is a marvellous opportunity to explore France while practicing yoga.  Hope you can make it.  Om shanti shanti shanti.