See Answers to Your Questions


General Information

I am a student, how can I join one of your retreats?
The Upcoming retreats page has the contact details for the teacher hosting the retreat, and you may contact them directly. If you are coming from Europe and the retreat is priced in dollars, you may register with Gillian. Please go to Contact page.

I don’t see a telephone number. What is the best way to contact you?
There is a french mobile number on the contacts page, which unfortunately doesn’t work very well inside the house because of the thickness of the old stone walls. Email is best, then we know what was said. Gillian checks emails several times a day, and will get back to you as quickly as possible.

What are check in/out times?
You can arrive anytime on the day of the retreat, and usually leave anytime at the end.

Can people arrive early or stay extra nights?
Yes, usually. It depends on the proximity of other retreats. Please let us know if you will require meals as well. You can pay this directly to us when you arrive.

House & Accommodations

How many people can you accommodate?
We have 14 beds, inside the main house. If it is a mixed group, this might be less as we like to separate females and males, so it really depends on the ratio.  We also have extra accommodation in a small apartment adjoining the main house, which has a double bed, a single bed and a pull out double sofa bed.

Is there a minimum number of guests for a retreat to happen?
No. We don’t want you to loose your deposit, so if you don’t get the number of participants you want, we are happy to accommodate you if you still want to come. 

What is your room sharing policy?
We separate the genders. We also try to put friends together. We also take into consideration any requests. However, we reserve the right to allocate rooms.

Do you have any private rooms?
We have one room, the Roof Terrace Room, that can be used as a private room. The beds in there can be either single or double, so is suitable for a couple. However if it’s just for one person, there would be a single person supplement.

Is wifi available in the bedrooms?
It depends on your device. Generally the rooms at the back of the house do not get a very good connection, as the walls are so thick. But good connections are possible in dining room and salon, where there are many electric sockets for charging. Connections is also possible in patio areas and under the Hanger outside.

Do you have hairdryers?
Not in every room, as your hair will dry quickly in warm temperatures. However there is one that you can borrow.

Do we need to bring shampoo?
Yes, please bring your own shampoo and conditioner. We supply bed linen, towels and soap.

Do you have air conditioning?
No. In keeping with our eco friendly stance, we prefer to open windows. Every room has more than one window. In very hot weather, we do have a number of fans that can be used in the bedrooms.

Do you have heating?
Yes. There are radiators in all the bedrooms and heating in the bathroom, also in the dining room and salon. These are usually only needed in May and October. There is also a wood burning stove in the yoga studio.

Do you have laundry facilities?
Yes, we have a washing machine and a dryer. Travel light! There is a small charge to use them.


What transportation do you provide?
We collect and return people from Limoux Gare (station) free of charge. This is the nearest train station to us, at about 15km. It helps if a group of you arrive together, but not necessary.  

Can you help with transportation from further away?
Yes we can help. Please visit the Where We Are section in this website.

Food & Meals

Do you only have vegan food?
Yes. Our retreats have been totally vegan for 6 years now. However if asked we can provide a little cows milk for morning coffee. If you wish to buy your own cheese, you may store this in the guest fridge in the dining room. Please do not bring any meat or fish onto the premises, as they are strictly prohibited.

Can you help with dietary requirements?
Yes, except for animal products. Please let us know in advance if anyone has a food allergy, or special diet requirements.

Do you have your own chef?
Yes. Our own wonderful vegan chef uses only organic ingredients and those that are in season. This is in keeping with our eco friendly stance.  She prepares everything fresh in. our kitchen.

Will there be refreshments available during the day?
Yes. Fruit juice is available at breakfast, and coffee is available in the morning. Hot tisane is available throughout the day, and all the drinking water comes from the spring at Alet le Bains, which is delicious.  Please remember to bring your water bottles.

Do you serve alcohol?
No. However if you wish to buy your own wine to have with your evening meal, there is a guest fridge in the dining room.  Please only drink alcohol with meals.

Day Trips & Attractions

What about the day trips?
Take a look at the Local Attractions page where you will find many places of interest, some very close, others a day trip.  We no longer take guests to local places of interest, but we can help you get there.  The Sunday Market at Esperaza is one of the most colourful in the area, with musicians and often street entertainers.  Guided walks from our village through the vineyards are available on request (at no charge).

Yoga Studio

How many people does the yoga studio hold?
A good number is 15, in 3 rows of 5, with a mat length space for the teacher at the front.  It is possible for a few more, either side of the teacher, or with a smaller gap between the mats. Large groups are asked to advise their classes to avoid clutter.

What equipment do you have in the yoga studio?
We have mats, blocks, cushions and blankets. We also have 10 bolsters, hand made by a yoga teacher and filled with organic buckwheat.

What about massages and other treatments?
Gillian is a trained Massage Therapist, and was licensed in the state of Louisiana, USA. If time permits, you can book a massage with her while you are here. If you or any of your students are bodywork therapists, the yoga studio is at your disposal for the whole of your retreat. If you wish to use one of our massage tables and linen, there is a small charge.

Is it possible to hold rituals or ceremonies apart from yoga classes?
Yes. The yoga studio, as well as the outside spaces are available for you during your stay. We have a “marmite” (large metal pot) for fire ceremonies that can be used in the garden. It is not possible to hold fire ceremonies inside.