The Setting


Your Countryside Yoga Retreats South of France Escape

Our house is best known by visitors for its breathtaking views of sunflower fields, vineyards and a backdrop of the Pyrenees mountains. We have ample space outdoors to enjoy the weather and views with a roof terrace, garden and chill-out zone.

The house is on 3 levels and can accommodate up to 15 people. The “cave” or cellar is partially built into the hillside. It contains the kitchen and communal areas of the salon and the dining room and links to the yoga studio.  The middle level has the Conilhac Suite.  

The attic contains the large Santosha suite and the Roof Terrace bedroom.


Stunning views from our rooftop terrace overlooking sunflower fields and vineyards with the Pyrenees mountains in the backdrop.


Picnic outside amidst rose bushes, fig & pear trees and a plethora of herbs and seasonal vegetables.


Ample outside space or chill-out zone to take a post-lunch nap or cozy up with a book and a cup of tea between yoga classes.


Built in the ‘cave’, the kitchen is mostly underground, so is cool in the summer, and warmer than outside in the winter. We have our own fabulous chef, and specialist equipment to make our vegan food the best. If we are not providing your meals, you may use the kitchen for (strictly) vegetarian food preparation.


Also in the cave, with an archway separating the two, the salon and dining room are available to guests.  The salon has fitted colourful banquettes, with easy access to electricity outlets and wifi.  This is an ideal place to use your laptops.  There is also a projector and screen.

The dining room has a large dining table where we can easily seat 20 people, although meals are generally eaten outside, as is the French custom.  Our meals are all 100% organic and vegan, using locally sourced seasonal produce.

There is a guest fridge (strictly vegetarian, vegan if you can) for your convenience .

Herbal teas and spring water are available throughout the day.


Stay with us


We have accommodation for up to 15 people in 3 beautifully decorated rooms.

Each guest will be provided with soap, clean towels & sheets, a bedside drawer and lamp as well as shared space to unpack your clothes during their stay. Each room has it’s own shared bathrooms that are elegantly decorated and include private shower cubicles.

The ideal setup for yoga retreats south of France!


This room contains 3 single beds, and can be converted into a king size double and one single.  It has en-suite bathroom with shower.  The window looks out across the roof terrace to the Pyrenees and Mt Bugarach.

This room is great for a couple who wish for more privacy, depending on groups numbers, for a private room supplement.


This room is really two bedrooms connected to form one large dorm room.  Some of it is under the eves.  It has 3 beds in one side, and 4 or 5 on the other.  There are two windows that look out over the garden, one that looks out to the vineyards and mountains, and one that looks north to the pilgrims path.

It has a large bathroom, with 2 showers, 2 sinks and 3 toilets.

Please choose one of two


This room has 4 beds. In there you can see the remains of the old bread oven in the wall.  We tried to save as much of it as we could, but unfortunately we could only save this little piece.  It’s a nice feature, a little brick igloo.  This suite also has two windows.  

The bathroom has 2 showers, 2 sinks and 2 toilets.


We believe that water is sacred. We ourselves are made up of around 70% water and we cannot live without it. There are increasing levels of water shortages all over the world, including in our French village.

For this reason we decided to install composting toilets in all the bathrooms. We use the Joseph Jenkins method from his book The Humanure Handbook. It has proved to be a great decision, and we hope that you will not feel intimidated or uncomfortable using them. We hope you will understand the method we use, and maybe use it yourself one day. We are happy to show you our system.

>Read more about composting toilets.

We reserve the right to place people in the rooms according to the make up of the party, but we will do our best to honour any requests.

The beautiful painting on the dining room wall, Two Hummingbirds, was painted by Tandy Pengegelli, and we are proud to have one of her original works.

Throughout the house and yoga studio we have a collection of 18 pieces of art by Professor Lynda Frese, a friend and fellow yogini who donated these to us after her exhibition in Rome in 2012.  Some of these may be for sale, please ask Gillian.